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We are a small group of Indian casino- and betting enthusiasts with over 20 years of combined betting experience in both casino games and sports betting, and after playing so long for ourselves, we would like to share the knowledge and secrets to other Indian players.

Some of the secrets include betting on the right sports like how to bet on cricket or horse racing, gaining free bets from the sportsbooks, claiming big welcome bonuses and how to use them to come out on top.Since we make our money from the casinos, we will share all of these tips with completely free of charge, and if you use our exclusive bonus codes and free offers, you will get more real money to play with!

Betting in India

Indian players have been betting online in India for quite some time, but there are still many players that have not had their first betting experience yet. Luckily, there are a lot of occasions where you will have your first chance at betting for real money.

Some players like sports more and will enjoy cricket betting on the IPL (The Indian Premier League) or other sports events like the World Cup. Other players prefer casino games like slots or table games, which is where you can find the best welcome offer if you are well informed of the best betting site. On, we will teach you all about betting in India, and we are sure that you will find a type of betting that suits you perfectly.

The Best Guide to Online Betting in India

In order to be the best guide for Indian players who wants to try online betting in India, we believe that we have a responsibility to be the most well-informed and up-to-date source of betting information out there. Therefore we have gathered a team of the best Indian players with the most online betting experience who are contributing with content to this site: team photo Vishal Patel, Vyshakh Rashaad, Shreya Mahajan
Best India Betting Team (From the left: Vishal Patel, Vyshakh Rashaad, Shreya Mahajan)

Vishal Patel

Vishal is related to the Indian national team player Rashid Patel and one of the premier Indian cricket betting players in the country with 8 years of experience in cricket betting and horse racing. After learning about cricket as young, he was introduced to the world of online gambling, where he found great success in online cricket betting. After studying journalism at university, he started online betting blogs that were very appreciated and has now launched in 2018.

Vyshakh Rashaad

Vyshakh got to know Vishal at VIT in Vellore. After university, they have explored betting on horse racing, cricket, and casino games together for 8 years. Dinesh’s specialty is live betting on Premier League and live casino games. He enjoys the thrill of live betting and loves the feeling of a bet slip being successful after a good hunch. The new era of live streaming and live betting have opened up a lot of new possibilities on India betting sites.

Shreya Mahajan

Shreya is the football, kabaddi and casino games expert at She likes betting on odds that others might have overlooked and is a star when it comes to finding unusual betting options, free bets, and odd sports betting sites. If someone knows odds on Indian betting sites, it’s Shreya.

How to Get Started With Online Betting in India

Betting is a worldwide form of entertainment, which means that the technology behind the platforms and process of starting an online betting account is very simple. Here in India, a large portfolio of betting options have surfaced, and while they are new in India, that have a long history in the rest of the world. Therefore, you can be sure that most of the sportsbooks are legit and safe for Indian players.

A few things to think about when choosing a betting site is first of all if they accept Indian players. After that, you want to find a site that accepts your preferred currency, which in our case is Indian rupees. When these two criteria are filled, we start looking at the betting sites’ platform quality, player experience, and welcome offers. We’ve been playing at all betting sites available in India, reviewed them for you, and picked out the best ones that we absolutely recommend for you to try out for the best betting experience.

Best Online Betting Sites: Top 10

When deciding which the best online betting sites are for you, you want to find the perfect fit for you as a player. If you are more into sports betting and creating an advanced bet slip with complicated betting odds, one betting site might be the best. If you are on the other side of the spectrum and like to play online slots and take advantage of a great welcome bonus, another one might be your ideal betting site.

All sites on are tested and approved by us, and all of them are very good options if you want to get into betting. Therefore we have compiled this list of a few of the best online betting sites in India that we suggest that you try out:

  1. 1xBet – This betting site offers great odds and a wide range of sports to bet on.
  2. Bet365 – Bet with Bet365 if you want an amazing portfolio of cricket betting, new games and the best sports odds available in gambling.
  3. Dafabet – A large and well known betting site for sports odds and games.
  4. Leovegas – A new betting site for casino lovers and sports odds. Big in the rest of the world.
  5. Royal Panda – A newer betting site with great offers and sports odds.
  6. Rizk – A small betting site with great odds.
  7. Unibet – One of the bigger sites in Europe with great odds. A safe bet to have a great time.
  8. Come On – On of the big European sites with good odds and games.
  9. Betway – A good bet if you want to bet on cricket and other sports.
  10. Betwinner – A great betting site for casino game lovers.

Whichever betting site you believe is the best fit for you, you can learn more about the best betting sites in India here. We have written in-depth reviews for all of the great online betting sites available in India, and cover the important topics of the sites, like their platforms and welcome bonuses if they offer mobile betting and if they accept Indian players and Indian rupees. The best online betting sites have all of this, and we have gathered them all here in one place.

Betting on Popular Indian Sports

The great thing about betting is that you can add extra flavor to your already existing sports interest. With a plethora of great sports to watch, why not spice it up with some real money betting?

Team India wins Asia Cup 2018
Team India wins Asia Cup 2018

Cricket Betting in India

Everybody loves cricket, and cricket betting is the most popular form of betting in India. All Indian betting sites offer cricket betting in one form or the other, and wherever you choose to play, you are in good hands. There are futures, head-to-head match-ups, and in-play betting available, and new types of betting are arriving all the time.

The most common type of cricket betting is definitely the normal Match Betting, where you bet on one of the two teams for the victory. An important aspect is that a tie game will not pay out any winning bet when you are betting for a winning team, which is why there is another bet called the Tied Game bet as well.

The Series Winner is a more long term bet that most sports betting sites offer. It gives you the opportunity to bet on the full three- or five-game series instead of a single game, like The Ashes.

Another type of fun bets that are not about the winning team is cricket proposition bets. You can bet on Win Toss (winning the coin toss), Toss Combination that adds a dimension of the winning team’s decision. You can bet on Odd or Even Run Scores where you correctly predict the outcome of the number of runs.

Take a look at the best cricket betting sites and pick one that you feel have all the features and betting options you are looking for.

Cricket Betting in India
Himachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium

IPL Betting

Online cricket betting would be nothing without the Indian Premier League, also called the IPL, and of course, you can bet on all IPL games throughout the whole season. Betting on the IPL offers the same kinds of bets as test games, and many sites offer live streaming of the games for Indian players to look at while betting on the games.

The Indian Premier League is great for cricket betting since the coverage of the league is so thorough and so many people are interested. This creates better odds and new ways to bet as the betting community grows and as mobile betting gets more popular.

Cricket betting and online cricket setting sites always have a bet ready for you on the IPL.

IPL Betting
Cricket game during sunset

Horse Race Betting in India

Horse racing is the second most popular sport in India and offers another great betting opportunity. You can bet on the Indian Derby, the Indian 1000 Guineas and the Indian 2000 Guineas horse racing events, which are all very exciting betting opportunities for Indian players.

Common bet types are Win, where you bet on a winning horse, Forecast, where you bet on the first 2 places in a certain order. Place is another popular bet where a specific horse needs to finish in the top 3 to produce a winning bet. Here at, we list all the best betting sites for horse race betting, and we suggest that you read our reviews of all the best horse betting sites in India.

Horse Race Betting in India
Horse Racing in India
Betting on Horse Race in India
Horse Racing

Football Betting in India

Another popular sport to bet on in India is Football. You can bet on all kinds of international leagues, like the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, and Italian Serie A. The simplest online bet to do is, as usual, Match Betting, where you pick a winning team or go for a tie.  Future bets are more long-term, betting on the outcome of a season. Props betting or proposition betting is when players bet on other things than the outcome, for example, the “man of the match”-reward or the total amount of corners in the game. Props betting has the opportunity to

Different betting sites offer different propositions bets, so you can take some time and research the different betting sites that offer football betting here on

Football Betting in India
Online Football Betting in India
Premier league game in France at Lyon Olympic Stadium

Live Betting Sites in India

A fairly new way of gambling is live casino betting, and it is an amazing and fun way to interact while gambling. Real dealers stand at the tables in virtual casinos and live stream the table, cards, roulette wheel or any other game right in from of your eyes. You place your bet, and the session is live streaming right in front of you. You can talk to the dealer while gambling and they treat you with the same joy and respect just as if you were standing in the real casino in Las Vegas.

Many betting sites are starting to offer live casino and live odds, so look for this type of betting to boost your enjoyment during gambling online.

Finding The Best Odds in India

When you are gambling you always want the best odds to bet on. Therefore it is important to choose a betting site that speaks to your demand. Regardless of being odds, sports or any other form of gambling, the best sites always have something in store for you,

Free Bets in India

When starting to bet on online sports on betting sites, you should always be on the lookout for a free bet or other generous welcome offers. Many sites give you a welcome bonus when you sign up for the first time, which could mean a free bet on a sport of your choice, or a welcome bonus of extra money.

If you get the option of choosing between a free bet or a money bonus, always consider what the free bet is actually worth. It might turn out that you get more free money from the free bet than you would have gotten from the welcome bonus itself. The best online betting sites give you many different bonus options, and you will almost always get a free bet when opening a new account.

The Best Welcome Bonus in India

All of the best betting sites offer a form of welcome bonus or welcome offer when signing up for a new account for the first time. To decide which offer is the best, we need to analyze a few different metrics: How much extra money do you get? What is the wagering requirement for withdrawing and what casino features or odds does the bonus apply to? For example, a free bet might be suitable for cricket betting odds, which means that gambling on other sports might not trigger the bonus and give you the money.

Always make sure what sports or bet the offer applies to in order to find the best betting sites to play at. Of course, we at see this as our job, and you can trust our underlying work when we rate the betting sites for you. A good welcome bonus is one of our most important criteria in a betting site, so you can be sure that if the site has gotten a good rating from us, they probably have a very good welcome bonus.

Is Betting Online Legal in India?

A very frequent, but also understandable question is if betting online is legal in India and if the betting sites are legit and safe. Online betting in India is completely legal as long as the casino is not based physically on Indian territory. This means that online betting sites will feature many new brands that Indian players might not have heard of before. One thing that is important to remember is to always check with a reliable source, like, to see if a betting site is legit and safe before depositing your money with the casino.

The best online sites are always legal and safe and will take great care of your deposit so you can get your money into your account as fast as possible. An online betting site has many ways to accepts your deposit, ranging from online bank transfers to the usage of services like Skrill or Neteller. Make sure that you open your account with a betting site that has your favorite deposit method available, together with your favorite sport, odds, bet or welcome bonus.

Find a Betting Site That Suits You

Gambling online is a very fun and simple pleasure, and when you get the hang of using free bets and finding your niche in sports betting, like cricket betting or casino games, you will have a great time while having the chance to win real money.